11 Jul


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The last time designers felt the compulsion to punch brand iconography all over their creations was way back in the 90s. My first ever luxury purchase immediately comes to mind: a hand-me-down bartered off an ex-boyfriends younger sister, that never left my side, and that I probably still have somewhere at home.


Much has changed in the twenty-five (gulp!) odd years that set us apart. We were the last generation to experience life sans technology after all. Since then, while some (my mother) have tried (and failed) to teach us that logomania is synonym with bad taste, others (yup, thats me again!) continue to nostalgically repost every Clueless meme they come across.

Fortunately the latest renaissance of the logo is not as ostentatious as all that. In fact, just like my first love, it is one to be thrown over any and every outfit, without a second thought, no matter the occasion or the time of day. Coachs signature coated canvas, remixed and recontextualized, customized and personalized for spring 2018; taking the familiar and subverting it. A gentle nostalgia cross-pollinated with a mash-up that symbolizes new york citys cultural worlds.


So yes mom, we still craving those stamped designer goods!

Sorry not sorry, I believe the kids say — err hashtag nowadays!







Wearing: Trench: Coach; Jeans: ELV denim; Bag: Coach; Sneakers: Celine; Top: Coach --- Ph. Roo Kendall.

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